December 14, 2010

it's nice to be bright (or what made me happy this week part III)

the 3rd installment - (these posts are spilling into this week, but that's a very good thing, no?).
just after jennifer received my ceramic wrap, i received my electric garden skirt. working under her label ERMIE, jennifer has not only been producing garments but has also designed the fabric prints, which is pretty amazing. having done a bit of screen printing and pattern repeat work at school, i know it's not as easy as it looks to get a nice patterns that also look good on the body. the skirt is very cool - the fabric is really nice, it's beautifully made, fits me perfectly and it has POCKETS! i love a skirt or dress with side pockets. this will be great for summer parties and also layered with a sweater and tights in winter. thanks jennifer!