May 17, 2012


i rarely have the chance to see my work being worn so i had a lovely surprise this morning when i saw a patchwork sweater pop up on schorlemadchen. maria has such a sweet style, it's lovely to see one of the pieces on her. 

i've been following maria's work for quite some time now and when we met in person recently, i realised that i enjoy her work so much because it's a direct reflection of the warmth and friendliness of her personality. below are some of my recent favourites from her blog and there is more on flickr. thanks maria!

i'm off to tasmania over the weekend. i'm looking forward to some fresh air and delicious food! i distinctly remember eating a very limp iceberg lettuce and tomato salad when i was there 15 years ago but i hear that things have changed.

all images by schorlemadchen