October 19, 2012

TRUCK nest

first of all, wow, thank you so much for the enthusiastic response to the sample sale. most of the pieces went in the first few hours. i am amazed! there are just a few items left (good ones too!), i have moved them to the top of the shop so you don't have to trawl through all the sold stuff. i feel so much better that the things are off to new homes instead of piling up in my cupboard, so thank you again!

i thought i'd share a few pages out of a wonderful book i bought recently, TRUCK:nest. the publication documents the nine year history of the furniture brand through stories and images. and my goodness, there are a lot of stories. just by looking at the truck site you can see these people have an amazing sense of style and the book illustrates how they've brought their dream to life through sheer hard work and complete faith in what they were doing (and possibly a good amount of madness). i ordered it from truck directly by emailing them. it is a beautiful book and well worth the price + the shipping expense (and btw, i also saw a copy at incu flinders st). 
have a happy weekend.