December 24, 2012

2012 and beyond

ah 2012, you have not been an easy year. right from the get go these 12 months have been marked by both sad and difficult events, some of which i have written about here, some of which will remain private and some of which are too slippery to be articulated, but they have seemed to have coalesced into a period of time that has a theme of learning to let go.

in november and december we packed up our beautiful beach side apartment and studios and moved everything across the river. we had been in that place for nine years and i was sorry to leave but it was time to move on. in a happy turn of events, we had found a small warehouse apartment that was comfortable to live and work from and its bright and leafy outlook sealed the deal. moving house is always an epic job but now everything is in its place and it feels like we are finally set up in our new home.

i want to thank all my dear customers and friends for your support this year. business didn't exactly go to plan but i'm excited about my new studio and all the things i will create in it next year. below are some little snippets of our space and wishing you all a wonderful festive season.