January 09, 2013

summer dressing

first of all, a very happy new to you. 
over the break we really enjoyed being in our new place. we caught up with friends, ate good food, drank nice champagne and spent lots of quality time playing with ezra (who by the way seems to be super happy with his new pad!).

thank you also for the well wishes on my last post. i've been overthinking thinking about where i want my label to go and now it's time to start putting some things into action. i feel like i'm almost starting from scratch again and there's unlikely to be any quick results, but when there's any updates you'll read about them here.

in the meantime, here's another little outfit post with some things i've been enjoying lately.

le bouton linen dress - linen has been my fabric of choice this summer and i love an easy throw over dress.

vintage italian straw hat from an op shop

erin considine necklace - this is an older piece but i love this one she currently has in her shop.

diptyque olene - half way through the bottle i decided this was too strong and heady for me and completely went off it. but now i spray a tiny bit behind my knees and it's perfect.

bread & milk tote - a souvenir from our trip to brighton.

grace, a memoir - on everybody's lists, i know but it's a delightful read.

notebook and pen - to record new ideas for the new year.

k.jacques sandals

isabel marant sweat pants - these are great worn scrunched up under a short dress.