February 09, 2011

the new goodies

it's been awhile since i've done any kind of outfit post (except for showing off my own wares that is). i'm not that into having my photo taken and last year i was on a very dangerous downhill slide into choosing one outfit at the start of the week and then just changing my underlayers. even more embarrassing was that my main footwear was thongs (flip-flops) or ugg boots. this is very bad form so this year i'm going to make more of an effort to look nice, even if it's only two cats that see me all day.

the other day i showed this beautiful handwoven scarf from anne-marie. this is what it looks like on. it's so meticulously made and i'm looking forward to cooler weather when i can wear it properly. 

the rachel comey mars boots - really, really comfortable, although being in flats for way too long i need to work on my calf muscles a bit more!

and i bought a marni top from the yoox sale. compared to retail marni prices they were practically giving this one away. there's a few labels that have become my favourites because when i put on their clothes not only do they fit like a glove, but they have that certain je ne sais quoi that makes you feel like you could be fascinating and you're going to have a wonderful day.

and while i brace myself to have my photo taken, primo loves it. he was winding around my legs the whole time demanding to be included. i think that i should take him to a cat modelling agency and then he can make some money and pay for things like cat food and toys!